Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Let's face it, whenever we see pictures of stylish, adorable kids it's just plain CUTE. There's something about clothing when it's shrunk down to child size that makes it irresistible. The latest example, Vogue Enfants. This is a supplement to Vogue Paris and it's very chic, just like it's parent. However, I can't decide if it's simply a fashionable editorial geared towards more of a European esthetic or just all kinds of wrong. I guess it's because some of the poses and looks coming from the children makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. They're trying to emulate adults which is the wrong part. The images I've posted are some of the ones I consider "normal", and although the styling is no where close to the controversial layout from Tom Ford's edited issue of French Vogue, it still asks the question: what exactly is the message here? I have to admit when I saw the Tom Ford pictures I was intrigued and thought the girls looked gorgeous but then I stopped myself and said they're not supposed to look gorgeous, they're supposed to look like sweet, little girls! Anyways, back to Vogue Enfants. I think overall the images are beautiful and mostly charming. Any thoughts?

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