Friday, March 4, 2011


all photos: Yannis Vlamos

This morning in what must of been an unusual setting, John Galliano's last collection for Christian Dior was presented to a somber yet curious audience. CEO Sidney Toledano gave a pre-show speech acknowledging Galliano's very public, disgraceful termination as well as somewhat of a mission statement for the house of Dior. Various reviews I'm reading say that the collection was beautiful, very wearable, with a kind of "best of Galliano" for Dior feel. From what I've viewed it looks very 70's boho inspired, with rich jewel tones, luxurious textures, and lots of fur. The evening gowns were sheer, flowy, pastel numbers that looked pretty signature Dior. Things did however seem scaled back without the usual spectacle that is Galliano, including very "normal" looking makeup. All in all I think the collection is a success. At the end was a very different sight when the seamstresses and craftsmen came out to take the customary final bow. I found this very touching for some reason. Maybe because it's usually the designer that gets all the attention and glory but in reality it's these very talented people behind the scenes I think that deserve most of the credit.

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