Monday, March 28, 2011


J Crew has undergone somewhat of a metamorphosis over recent years and it's all pretty much due to Jenna Lyons and her talented design team. From it's humble beginnings as a classic basics retailer, J Crew has gone on to become a bonafide fashion label. Now they have those great pieces that are perfect to mix in with your best high - low co-ordinated outfits. I have to admit I never shop there and only lately have ventured into their stores - but I definitely like what I see. These 3 video installments, directed by Douglas Keeve, who did Unzipped and Seamless, follows Lyons and her team as they venture off to Italy in search of shoes, fabrics, and prints for their upcoming collections. It's all very inspiring to see the label appreciate true craftsmanship and attention to detail plus the videos make me want to book the next flight to Rome asap!

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