Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Are you kidding me?! Look at this place - this is the amazing JK Capri in the Marina Grande on the island of Capri. My husband and I were in Rome about 10 years ago and we spent a week on Capri. Unfortunately this place didn't exist at that time so we missed out. Oh well, that just means another trip is in order - yeah! Capri is unbelievably chic and the people watching is insane. One day we were super exhausted from all the walking and heat so we were sitting in the shade when all of a sudden Valentino strolled by with a couple of friends. I bolted up and ran down the side street so I could intercept them at the end of the path and take a picture. It wasn't as crazy paparazzish as it sounds, I was being discreet. My husband said he's never seen me move so fast, tired or not! Oh and did I mention the shopping?! MY GOD THE SHOPPING. Every major designer boutique you can think of is crammed onto this island and there's also a hidden designer "outlet" which we accidentally stumbled on. Two words: holy $!@#. Basically all the  boutiques send their stuff there at the end of the season or whatever and you would not believe the selection. Needless to say we went back everyday until we left. I think another trip is definitely needed, my husband has tons of family there so we really should drop by to say hello.


  1. holy crap that place is amazing. and i have to go to capri now!! i'd love to see all the stuff that gets sent there! and you got to see Valentino? awesome :)

    Beneaththe Glass

  2. So beautiful. I love all white homes their something so classic about it.

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