Saturday, April 2, 2011


all photos: Marcio Madeira

Well this always happens so I shouldn't be suprised but I have total mixed feelings on the upcoming fur trend for Fall. I'm a HUGE animal lover so I have a hard time dealing, but the stupid thing is I actually love the look. Fur is beautiful when it's real and great when it's faux. I feel like such a hypocrite! Not that I'm one of those PETA freaks (no offense if you are): I wear leather and eat meat fairly regularly but would never dump paint on someone. I saw a girl yesterday wearing an amazing fur coat, I'm pretty sure it was faux and I found myself desperately wanting one....aaaargh.

Look at this gorgeous fox! This was taken from our deer cam at our country house back east. We have some amazing shots of pheasants, black bears, racooons, coyotes, and the cutest deer ever. I would never want to see any of our "pets" harmed or killed. Sometimes I hate fashion.

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